A blockchain-based platform that protects your intellectual property

FidelityHouse is a platform that offers services aimed at attribution and protection of your contents.
Thanks to these services that you can buy using the cryptocurrency FidelityHouse Token (FIH), you can protect your intellectual property, proving the authorship of a content and certifying its existence, detect copyright infringements and request legal protection.

FidelityHouse Chain

FidelityHouse Chain is based on 3 “cornerstones” enabled by the blockchain technology and based on our holistic vision of the importance of original contents: proof of authorship, proof of license and proof of revenue.

Proof of Authorship

Blockchain existence
and timestamping

Proof of License

Blockchain content
license tracking

Proof of Revenue

monetization tracking


Q3-Q4 2018
Private sale & Presale
Q4 2018
FidelityHouse Chain “proof of authorship” Blockchain implementation.
Q1-Q2 2019
Presale - ICO - FidelityHouse Chain “proof of license” Blockchain implementation.
Q2 2019
Tokens fully usable when ICO ends
Q3-Q4 2019
FidelityHouse Chain “proof of revenue” Blockchain implementation. Launch of community in English. Strategic growth in author acquisition
Q1 2020
iOS and Android native App. New languages support and content translation service. Editorial Network Development
Q2 2020
Direct adv sale in FidelityHouse Token, Sponsored content, special projects
Q3 2020
FidelityHouse Chain full Blockchain implementation, Improvement of Analytics features for users and advertisers
Q4 2020
Marketing investment for expansion in new regions